3. Adding & Editing Tasks

How To Edit An Existing Task In Task Pigeon

Whether you have created a general task or checklist based task there are occasions where you need to edit or update the details of that task. To edit an existing task in Task Pigeon the process is easy. It all starts with opening the existing task you wish to edit. Open An Existing Task To […]

How To Delete A Task In Task Pigeon

We have already covered how to create a new task, but lets say you make a mistake or that task is no longer relevant. How do you delete it? In this article we will look at how to delete tasks in Task Pigeon. Regardless of whether the task is a general task or checklist style […]

How To Create A New Task In Task Pigeon

At the core of any great task management application is the ability to create new tasks. With Task Pigeon we have designed our dashboard to make it easy to create and assign new tasks with ease. There are two types of tasks you can create in Task Pigeon, General Tasks, and Checklist Tasks. The process […]